Raising English is a unique language institute located in several locations in The
Netherlands and in Singapore. We specialise in providing English enrichment lessons to​ young learners. The creative curriculum we offer incorporates stimulating stories, lively song and games to enhance this experience.

Welcoming environment

Fun and creative curriculum

Small class sizes

Technology-enhanced learning

Raising English is where kids develop creative thinking and self-confidence via learning through play and fun. The process of learning with us is just as fun as the end result.


Nidhi is a dedicated educator and entrepreneur. With years of experience in literacy and technology, she aims to combine these two aspects of education in learning a new language. At Raising English, Nidhi is determined to provide excellence in education fitting to the needs of an individual child.


Gerry has always had a passion for teaching and has had a wide range of teaching experiences. Gerry likes to encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving in his classroom, recognizing that there is a lot to be learned from engaging with younger learners and their unique view of the world around them.

Jake Wieczork - TEACHER

Jake is an energetic English teacher and a native speaker who has settled in the Netherlands. Passionate about teaching, he has travelled the world teaching the English language.

Michelle van Laren - TEACHER

Michelle is a friendly and warm person. She is creative and likes the children to have fun and be entertained whilst learning English language.

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