About us

Raising English is a unique language institute located in several locations in The Netherlands and Singapore. We specialise in providing English enrichment lessons to young learners by means of a creative curriculum enhanced with stimulating stories and lively song and games.

Welcoming environment

Fun and creative curriculum

Small class sizes

Technology-enhanced learning

Raising English is where kids develop creative thinking and self-confidence via learning through play and fun. The process of learning with us is just as fun as the end result.

Raising English is a unique language institute working with several schools/day care centres in North-Holland and Singapore. We specialise in providing English Enrichment and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programmes to young learners by means of a creative, play-based, student-centered curriculum for ages 2-16 years.

At Raising English, we are focused on setting children and youth up for a bright future. We believe in Real-life learning which provides education that stretches beyond traditional learning to include modern technology, creative arts, music, and more!

There are many aspects of our curriculum that allow participants to explore and manipulate open-ended tools to develop skills reflective of individual interests and on the international environment around them.

We take pride in offering opportunities to students that encourage excellence, enthusiasm, creativity, and effort. We are a community that is welcoming of all families and respectful of different cultures.

Nidhi Chopra - FOUNDER & CEO

Nidhi is a passionate entrepreneur and dedicated executive. With her years of experience she aims to grow Raising English in The Netherlands and Singapore. With a young family of her own, Nidhi highly values education and opportunities for bi-lingual learning. She is inspired to prepare young global citizens to the best of their ability.

Michelle van Laren - TEACHER

Michelle is a warm and caring person. Originally from South Africa, Michelle is living in The Netherlands and loves working with children.

Contact: michelle@raisingenglish.com

Jake Wieczork - TEACHER

Jake is an energetic English teacher and a native speaker who has settled in the Netherlands. Passionate about teaching, and has travelled the world teaching English in numerous places.

Contact: jake@raisingenglish.com

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