Relocating to another country?

You have received a wonderful opportunity and have decided to relocate with your family to another country. You are now looking for an International education for your child. Most good schools have specific admission requirements and your child does not speak English yet.

Our team of friendly and expert teachers at Raising English are here to help!

We provide customised Booster programs for children who will soon relocate to another country. This program helps children feel comfortable in understanding and learning the English language. This also helps them settle in their new school and make new friends easily.

Repatriating to your country?

You have decided to repatriate to your own country and provide local education to your child. Your child went to an International school abroad and acquired an excellent command of English language. You would like them to keep their existing knowledge and skills in English intact.

Raising English provides individual learning programs to continuously improve on their existing language skill set and keep motivating children to achieve more.