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Raising English works with numerous clientele in The Netherlands and Singapore. Each school or organisation, collaborates with us to improve their English Language learning curriculum.

Clients in The Netherlands

Saartje KDV & BSO Het Zand

Saartje KDV Het Spoor

Saartje KDV Weiland

Saartje KDV & BSO Voorn

Saartje KDV Watervin

OBS De Klimroos

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Dover Court International School

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Montessori Arcade

De Achtbaan

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Bredeschool Het Zand

Doenja dienstverlening


My 10 year old daughter had private lessons with Michelle during a period of 4 months. Although she is
raised bilingual her strongest language is Dutch.
Languages have and will always be a problem for her due to severe dyslexia. The end of last year we made the decision to move to the UK and wanted to give her a good start at an English school. We decided to give her private lessons twice a week with the means to improve her ability to read and write. She has learned so much over this period and will start in her new school in Nailsea with a lot more confidence than before.
Michelle was very helpful and kind and Sophia went to her lessons with joy. The material she used was at the right level with enough challenge to make good progress. She also used “ that reading thing” which works really well for pupils with dyslexia. I can recommend Raising English for everybody who would like to improve their English, no matter the level they start with.


Mother of Sophia

At the beginning, Sam spoke very bad English, but with the lessons that (Raising English) has given him, he has become interested in the English language and is now speaking English although he has never been to any other course. I am so grateful that (Raising English) offers classes with such great quality in our area.


Parent of Sam and Victor

Ik ben een van deze moeders die het eerst geloven als ze het echt hebben gezien. Now I am a believer! Mijn zoon is net 5 jaar geworden. Op moment bezoekt hij een naschoolse cursus van Raising English bij Nidhi. In het begin, zo 3 maanden geleden kwam er geen enkel woordje over zijn lippen in het Engels, en nu praat hij bijna de hele dag door. Hij snapte in het begin wel al een beetje van de Engelse taal, omdat we sinds 8 maanden in Singapore wonen, maar dat was het dan ook, geen Engels woordje te horen van hem.

Het leren gebeurt spelenderwijs met behulp van Lego en verhalen. Door het spelen met Lego voelt zich mijn zoon in een veilige omgeving, hij kan spelen, creatief zijn en het praten en begrijpen van de nieuwe taal kwam helemaal vanzelf. Nu zit hij te springen om de juff in het Engels te kunnen vertellen wat hij gebouwd en bedacht heeft.

Ik heb zelf ook een introductie cursus bij Nidhi gevolgd, omdat ik nieuwsgierig was wat mijn zoon er nu op de les doet en hoe het kan dat hij dit zo snel heeft opgepikt…ik mocht de hele tijd met Lego spelen, verhalen bedenken en het in Engels uitleggen, ik was helemaal weg en ja, ik begrijp wel dat je zo spelenderwijs snel leert. Leuk programma en echte aanrader. Prachtig te zien hoe snel kinderen een taal kunnen leren.


I'm one of these mothers who could believe it, only when they first saw it. Now I am a believer! My son has just turned 5 years old. At the moment he attends the school of Raising English with Nidhi. At the beginning, 3 months ago, there was no English word on his lips, and now he is talking all day long. Initially, he had learnt a little bit of English when we lived in Singapore for 8 months, but this is why there was no English word heard from him.

Learning happens happily using Lego and stories. By playing with Lego, my son feels in a safe environment - he can play, be creative, and the language and understanding of the new language came completely self-evident. Now he's jumping to tell the teacher what he built and what thinks about it in English.

I also followed an introductory course with Raising English, because I was curious what my son is learning and how he managed to pick it up so fast. I was allowed to play Lego, draw stories and translate them into English. Then I was completely sold and I could understand how the children can learn so quickly. It is a nice program and highly recommended. Beautiful to see how fast children can learn a language.


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