English Enrichment lessons provide young learners a stimulating classroom environment to best learn the English language. From this course, students will learn the most important basic knowledge for both oral and written language.

Our comprehensive learning program is based on Real-life learning approach, which provides education that stretches beyond traditional learning. We accommodate all the different learning processes in our curriculum. Our curriculum teaches English as a second language to children by means of interesting stories, lively songs and a variety of props. Language skills are taught systematically and engage children where they find learning English fun and interesting.

Our specialist teachers extend a warm welcome to each student attending the lessons. For group lessons, the teacher/student ratio is 1:6, which enables children to enjoy the learning process within a small group and get individual attention.

We also love our library here at Raising English, and so at the end of every lesson the child may also borrow English books to take home and continue learning! This aids logical thinking, writing and expanding the English vocabulary.

Children learn quicker if they enjoy the process!

4 - 6 years

Beginner level

7 - 9 years

Beginner level

10 + years

Beginner - intermediate level, for preparation for high school entry. For example, to enter into TTO (bilingual Havo or VWO).

€14 per child

Per lesson

Group Lessons

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Individual Lessons

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