What is this English Enrichment course all about?

The aim of this course is to familiarise pupils with English as a second language and expose them to the language in a variety of ways. Each lesson is designed according to a theme and consists of a learning section and an interactive section. During the learning section pupils are introduced to the vocabulary of the day, and are given a set of exercises to better remember and learn it. During the interactive section pupils interact with the teacher and each other through various games, as well as English songs and videos.

What age group is it for?

The lessons offered by Raising English are for children ages 3 and above. Our curriculum is designed for children in different age groups such as ages 3-4 years, 4 -6 years etc. We have designed special lessons for preschoolers, schoolers and adults.

What is your method of teaching?

Raising English follows a format of teaching where the lesson is divided into two sections, one dedicated to learning of the day, and one dedicated to interactive work among the students and the lecturer. The learning section consists of an introduction of a new theme, followed by a set of controlled exercises designed to better learn and remember it. The interactive section consists of thematic games, songs, and videos aimed at exposing the pupils to the English language and diversifying the learning experience.

My child cannot speak any English, is he/she eligible for the course?

Yes – our course is suitable for beginners, elementary and practitioner level students.

How long will it take before my child will start speaking English?

Learning a new language can be a challenging and lengthy process. Every child learns at their own pace, and may not start producing the newly learnt language until he/she is comfortable. Raising English is very mindful of the individual element of learning a new language and allows for pupils to move at their own learning pace within the group. Usually, after one term the child should have acquired some basic vocabulary. With every subsequent term the level of child will be increasing, thus making them more comfortable with employing it and communicating in English.

Will my child be able to handle it, as he/she is still learning another language?

Yes, studies have shown that learning a language is significantly easier at a younger age, thus making young pupils more successful in mastering a language parallel to their native tongue. Moreover, acquiring a second language at a young age has been known to help the development of a child’s cognitive and logic skills, thus improving their overall academic performance.

How many lessons are there?

For our individual lessons, we work with 2 terms in a year whereby Term 1 is from Jan – July & Term 2 is from Sep – Dec.

When working with different schools, we usually follow their term calendar.

Do you offer courses for children with learning difficulties?

Yes, we offer special courses for children with reading challenges. Please contact us for more information.

Do your offer individual lessons?

Yes, we offer packages for families who are planning to relocate to another country of have just arrived in a new country.

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