These lessons are recommended for children who have a specific goal and are limited in their time in learning the language. The process for such a course starts with a paid intake. Requirements and preferences are discussed during the intake and the best approach is recommended for your child. The lessons are then customized as per the understanding of the language of your child, requirement of the family including the time constraint.

The orientation and intake procedure is as follows:

  • The process begins with the family recognizing the needs of individual lessons.
  • Raising English received a request by the family either by phone or email for private lessons.
  • We mail the pre-registration form to the family for background information
  • The family needs to fill in Background information form
  • We access the information to find whether we can provide support with the lessons
  • If yes, a paid intake is planned to find out the exact requirements of the lessons
  • Intake form is filled in and signed by both parties
  • Invoice sent to the parents for intake
  • Report of the intake, advice for the lessons and offer letter to be sent to the parents after the intake invoice is completed
  • Once agreed, the registration form is filled in, terms and conditions are signed and the lessons can be planned.

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Fees and Payments


Paid Intake: Euro 199

The paid intake is a two-step process and includes the following:

During the intake

  • An assessment of the family/student learning requirement
  • Explanation of our procedure, terms and conditions
  • Determine students strength and challenges
  • Preliminary screening questions to determine any special learning needs

After the intake

  • Research on any additional learning needs of the child and an appropriate strategy for the lessons
  • Research on the next steps the child is going to take and advice on the learning strategy to prepare the child for the same
  • Development of individualised learning plan
  • Report and offer sent to family for acceptance

Advisor/teacher appointment

  • Introduction with the teacher
  • Completion of registration forms
  • Discuss lesson schedule

Lesson fee


Each private lesson is based on a specific requirement and the lesson fee is dependent on the requirement per child w.r.t the time and course-ware.

  • Lesson fee starts with Euro 45 per lesson and goes up-to Euro 65 per lesson.
  • The tuition fee including/excluding the lesson material is confirmed after the intake
  • Any additional material that needs to be purchased specific to the lessons are charged as per actual

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