Relocation can be hectic. In most cases, there is less time to organise the complete move. With limited time at hand, finding the right education for your child can add to the stress. Moving countries can be intensive for children too as they prepare to settle in and find new friends in another country. You don’t want to waste your child’s precious year by changing schools after a year or two when you realise the choice first made under the stress of relocation wasn’t the right choice after all.

Our know-how of several International schools allows us to help you in finding the right education for your child. We consider the emotional, structural, language and learning needs of your child during our careful selection process.

Our consulting process has helped expatriating families in finding befitting education to help their child flourish and shine through their years of education. 

We take pride in offering School placement service to expat families moving to or from Singapore and The Netherlands.