Testimonial 3

September 18, 2017

I’m one of these mothers who could believe it, only when they first saw it. Now I am a believer! My son has just turned 5 years old. At the moment he attends the school of Raising English with Nidhi. At the beginning, 3 months ago, there was no English word on his lips, and now he is talking all day long. Initially, he had learnt a little bit of English when we lived in Singapore for 8 months, but this is why there was no English word heard from him.
Learning happens happily using Lego and stories. By playing with Lego, my son feels in a safe environment – he can play, be creative, and the language and understanding of the new language came completely self-evident. Now he’s jumping to tell the teacher what he built and what thinks about it in English.
I also followed an introductory course with Raising English, because I was curious what my son is learning and how he managed to pick it up so fast. I was allowed to play Lego, draw stories and translate them into English. Then I was completely sold and I could understand how the children can learn so quickly. It is a nice program and highly recommended. Beautiful to see how fast children can learn a language.